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Why Use Computer Aided EMS Dispatch System Software?

The US stays punctual with its services and makes sure every individual faces no inconvenience due to lack of usability, isolation, and missing information. The Emergency services in the country follow advanced softwares to manage emergency staff and emergent situations. To handle the emergency medical requirements, the updated structure of the dispatch team leaves no loopholes that patients can sue against. The system stays updated of patient medical conditions, schedules, visits, warnings, and patient name and address. To understand the importance of Ambulance EMS Dispatch Software in a Healthcare department, take a look at below mentioned key information.

A Professional Ambulance EMS Dispatch Software must include:

  • Schedule Reports – The scheduled reports helps you keep track of the activities every employee is engaged in throughout the day, week, and month. Besides, you can also inspect specific schedules of selected employees based on timeframes and view their past schedules.
  • Patient Data and Histories-  While signing up for an emergency service, Emergency Dispatch Software looks at overall patient history be it surgeries, allergies, sugar and hemoglobin levels to start off with stable treatment that can possibly give patients some relief before reaching the healthcare facility.
  • Zone Dispatching: If a patient calls the emergency service, and if it suits the patients the EMS service will dispatch a zone employee to look after the situation till the team reaches the patient. Identifying the location of the patient the zone employees are informed about the emergency and are ordered to reach the location as soon as possible.
  • Mistakes Prevented: Acknowledging the complete situations, the ambulance dispatch system identifies the correct person or employee that is experienced enough to handle the situation. The software is loaded with employee details and can simply rectify the solution to every call. Remember, the emergency dispatch system only dispatches the employees who have professional experience and licenses of both qualification and the vehicle.
  • Automatic Recurring Calls: The dispatch software automatic recurring call software keeps track of the patients who visit healthcare facilities 3-4 times a week due to chronic health conditions. This eliminates the dispatch team from any mistakes. The teams are notified automatically about the scheduled patient appointments who are on dialysis, having chemos. Although, the patient must rectify the emergency dispatch service about any occasional cancellations or any change in schedules.
  • Reduced Workload: EMS dispatch software holds all the information that is required from the patient location to patient treatment. The software will dispatch the authorities providing them the location of the patient, map to patient’s location, patient health history, and warnings previously recorded for the patient. The EMS team then prepares for the event in a 60 sec call. As all the information is automatically dispatched to the team, the patients feel relaxed watching an EMS service arriving so quickly. Dispatch information and collection of patient history itself lift the load from the EMS service. The team just needs to catch up with the information, pick the patient, stabilize the vitals, and drop the patient to the healthcare facility.
  • Less Radio Traffic: Considering that all the information automatically updates on the crew’s electronic device, the statement eliminates the communication part. The Emergency Medical Dispatch Software is updated enough that no crew needs to contact the dispatching service for information. Just the service needs to inform the crew member what team is up for this. The crew members then catch up with the information on their way to the patient’s location and recall the patient’s history to make sure that they are ready for anything that comes their way.
  • Rock Solid: The EMS dispatch systems have not been updated for a while now. Dispatchers still face the issue of crashing software and then calling someone to fix it. Working in the emergency department and losing the only software that is required to run everything properly crashed. Isn’t is frustrating. AngelTrack EMS Dispatch Software is cloud based software that stores all the information online. It keeps the system storage free which eliminates the possibility of crashing softwares due to less storage. The dispatch system also estimates the total charge to be paid from the patient location to the healthcare facility.

Benefits of Reporting In Emergency Medical Dispatch Software:

Keeps Employees Accountable

EMS Scheduling software is an easy way to check on your employees. It will be easy to check out every employee check in and check out timings. In addition, it will keep record of the excuse why an employee was tardy the previous day. Also, the dispatch system can track out the schedule patterns of employees and what duties they had earlier.

Allows Better Control Over Company Finances

EMS scheduling software can save you from making unnecessary expenses and will identify what potential expenses you are liable for.

Improves your Company’s Skillset 

Scheduling software can also track which employees are under training period and what employees are licensed and certified to handle any situations. 

Provides Broad Access to Scheduling Tools

EMS Scheduling Software is device friendly. Employees can access the dispatch information on their local screens like mobile phones, iPads, laptops, etc. Whereas, the managers and scheduling staff can use their remote systems to schedule the EMS staff for emergencies.

Generates Data that’s easy to Read and Export

EMS Scheduling software schedules the employees by showcasing them the relevant dispatch information in easy file format like MS Excel other spreadsheets. The information is never informed in paragraph forms and is always mentioned in key points. The scheduling software makes sure that the information does not have any errors or missing data that can hold the crew accountable or liable for any mistakes.

If you are looking for a safe and reliable EMS dispatch software for your healthcare facility, visit our online portal. We offer scheduled friendly EMS management systems that keeps you punctual and updated about the dispatch information prior to pickup.

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