At Epic EMS, our team is dedicated to not only providing cutting edge service to our clients, but providing needed answers to doctors and medical organizations looking for answers. Find answers to frequently asked questions on our health insurance billing management services and what we can do for you in order to make informed and effective choices on your billing, coding, and practice management. To learn more about how we can help you, call 678-631-9383 or fill out our online contact form.

How much will your medical billing management services cost me?

Our fees are based on a percentage of payments collected, so we don’t get paid unless you do. And our fees are all-inclusive — there are no hidden charges.

How can you save me money by using your billing management service?

Our billing service will improve your Ambulance Billing and your administrative service end-to-end, leaving you to focus on your core service of providing care to your patients and reaching them on time.This is additional net revenue to the savings in administrative costs associated with maintaining a health insurance billing department in house.

Are you HIPAA-compliant?

Epic EMS is fully compliant with HIPAA requirements and standards.

When can we expect payment when using your billing management service?

Payments are sent directly to your practice or to a designated lock box account. All we need is a copy (or original, if you prefer) of the EOB to properly credit the account.

What medical service management services do you offer?

We are a full service medical billing firm. Our health insurance and billing management services include modern and efficient collections and claims processing, world-class customer service and account management . We will assign a dedicated Account Executive (or more than one, depending on the size of your practice) to your account to handle all aspects of the health insurance and billing process — entering charges, submitting claims, sending patient statements, following up, and answering patient billing questions.

What software will we use to run our ambulance business and capture our PCRs?

Epic Ems is Software Neutral and has partnered with several software vendors and will make suggestions based on our client needs.

What kind of information do you need from my practice?

We can design a custom, user—friendly superbill for your practice, or work with your existing template. This enables us to quickly and accurately update and maintain existing and new patient information in order to process the claims.

I would like to be able to access my practice data online. Can I have secure access to the billing management data?

Yes. Our system allows you to look up information and even run reports and patient ledgers.

Who does the patient call with a medical billing service question?

Our phone number is printed on your patients’ statements, and a dedicated Epic EMS company representative will handle all health insurance, and billing questions.

Do we make sure managed-care plans pay us according to the contracted rates?

Epic EMS requests copies of your practice’s contract and related fee schedules when we’re setting up your account, and we update our system’s profiles for each of those contracts. At time of payment posting, we monitor expected reimbursement and appeal any underpayments and/or denials. When necessary, we directly contact your managed-care representative to resolve any problems.

What type of sales, operational and management reports will I access to?

AngelTrack’s live reporting will give you advanced reporting which includes comprehensive monthly closing reports that confirm productivity such as the amount of charges, health insurance payments, patient payments, and aged receivables. Practice-specific reports are available on request.

Are you a collection agency?

No. Epic EMS focuses strictly on billing and follow-up. However, we pursue delinquent health insurance claims and continue to work on them until payment is received. Our procedure is to send three statements to patients with follow-up phone calls. If after the third statement there is no response, we send a 10-day notification letter. At that point, it’s up to you to decide how to pursue collecting the balance due (e.g., outside collection agency, bad debt write-off).

What if the patient is on a payment plan?

We’ll send as many statements as it takes to get the balance paid as long as there is patient activity on the account.


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